Elizabeth E George

Top 5 Artists/ Songs for the Disenchanted Radio Listener

In art, Culture, Music, Reviews, Uncategorized on May 4, 2012 at 7:13 pm

by Elizabeth E. George

The Black Keys — “El Camino” (2011)

I got the blues… 

I got the there’s-nothing-good-on-the-radio-on-a-Monday blues.

Turn the dial. Nope, I don’t like that one.  Turn again. Well, that one has played at least five times today.

The radio seems to have lost its soul. Maybe Commercialism is slowly eating away the blues and replacing it with a shade of green, I think as I switch to AM out of desperation.

Nothing but static, which, in a way, seems a lot better than anything else I’ve heard over the past few weeks.

So, what gives?

What doesn’t sound like those pop songs you hear in the supermarket? (I just want some milk and eggs,  not all that top ten processed cheese.)

Artists that never forget to pay homage to the staples of the blues and vintage rock are what I want to hear in the store, without having to use my headphones.

Here are some artists/songs who never fail to give a little toe-tapping soul:

1. The Black Keys — Album(s) to look out for: Anything they put out, especially their latest release, El Camino. Enough said. Listen.

2. Band of Skulls —  Their January 2012 release, Baby Darling Doll face Honeytops all those cranked-out tunes, with songs like “Blood” and “I Know What I Am.” Prepare for a little in-your-face-and-put-you-in-your-place honesty that always turns heads toward the speakers.

3. Them Crooked Vultures — With rock guru Dave Grohl (Nirvana and Foo Fighters) behind the drums once again and Josh Homme (Kyuss) on the myk, songs like “New Fang” off of their 2009  self-titled album both rock with a 90s-esque and contemporary feel.

4. Cage the Elephant — 2011’s Thank You Happy Birthday will certainly appeal to both youth and older folks, with songs like “Shake Me Down” and “Around my Head.”

5. Dan Auerbach — The Black Keys lead singer/ guitarist Dan Auerbach sat alone on this one, with the all-too-realistic 2009 album, Keep it Hid.

But, what do I do now? I mean the radio doesn’t really play this stuff.

For now, I think I’ll scrobble some tags of these artists on Last.fm and see what other songs grow on me.

But first, I turn the FM radio off.


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