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WANTED: Poetry Submissions

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The INSIDE is currently looking to ink some pens! Anyone interested in submitting their poetry/ prose, please e-mail me at Elizabeth.Emma.George@gmail.com

This month’s theme is found poetry. All sources must be cited, and no more than five words in a row may be used from each source.

Poems must be original and not published anywhere else but a personal blog. They also must not exceed 40 lines.

Other Poetry Guidelines to follow. Keep writing!

But, first…

Here’s a little found poem I recently composed:

Carved Light

By Elizabeth E. George

Destroy it freely, posed

as saint. I remember glory,

smear of light, caress

of music.

I did not create this.

The ground is all strategies

and essence. The dark

eyes felt, reversed

other people’s fires,

those whose strength

was of nobody’s sky.

Her smoke may be

the body’s poetry.

This work, a corpse;

Scraps born, where

a universe scrolls full.

The end

stops. sits. moves.


Daughter! I Forbid Your Recurring Dream! by James Chapman (Fugue State Press, 2000).


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