Elizabeth E George

WORLD NEWS: Female Circumcision, Shaved Heads, and HIV

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By Elizabeth E. George

Zimbabwe AIDS awareness marches (Nov. 2011); Photo – AllAfrica.com

Women could help slow the HIV/AIDS world epidemic by appearing less attractive to men, according to Senator Morgan Femai (MDC-T, Chimoko), in a workshop on HIV awareness in Kadoma on May 11, 2012.

“They should also not bathe because that is what has caused all these problems,” he continued.

According to a recent article in The Huffington Post UK, Sen. Femai also seemed to suggest that female circumcision would be another helpful resort: “Women have got more moisture in their organs as compared to men so there is need to do more research on how to deal with that moisture because it is conducive for bacteria breeding. There should be a way to suck out that moisture.”

By the end of 2010, the world contained 34 million people with HIV or AIDS, according to a statistic provided by UNICEF, and the number continues to grow every year.

While these controversial remarks by the Zimbabwean politician caused quite an uproar, HIVAware offers plenty of information and research about HIV that include a more widely acceptable approach to safe-sex contraceptives and disease prevention.

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