Elizabeth E George

Poet of the Week: Ralph Nazareth

In art, Culture, Poetry, Poets, Uncategorized, Writing 2012 on July 6, 2012 at 1:34 pm

Simply Call


All you need do is simply call 818 ENG-LISH

all you need have is 49 dollars and 95 cents

we accept VISA and Diners, M/C and Carte Blanche

all you need do is simply call, all you need have is—


Yes, all you need have is a pidgin of shame

our powerful tools can wipe out your accent

our lightening sorties can soften you up

we can blitz out your tongue the big

and the little the clicks and the glitches

your gulps and your guttural your peculiar inflections

the roll and the lilt those tortuous twitches

we can erase them all

your lips and her lips

her tongue and your mouth let ‘em let ‘em let ‘em

dissolve in this sound universal, this taste homogeneous

the salt of your words and silt of her speech

leave it to us we’ll handle it all

erasing every single odd variation

of your mind and her body your heart and her soul

whatever makes you and her you and her

we’ll pluck out the roots of your singular devotions

so you’ll speak our wholly catholic American

of one and the sameness


deface efface debunk erase

eradicate exterminate


All you need do is dial 818 ENG-LISH

All we need have is your carte blanche

we can do it, yeah sure, we can do it all


Simply call



~poem by Ralph Nazareth


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