Elizabeth E George

Weekly Wordshop: New Poetry Series OPens

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By Elizabeth E. George

Weekly Wordshop

On Wednesday, October 3, 2012, the new poetry series, Weekly Wordshop, will begin its first season. Weekly Wordshop, or WW, was founded in September 2012 by Lisa Marie Ackerly and Derek Piotr of Connecticut.

Weekly Wordshop, a weekly gathering of poetic voices and their word craft, is for the purpose of expanding upon and appreciating the world in which we live. It is our goal to inspire, by whatever means, the poetic voices of all participants. WW would like to take this opportunity to welcome all to experience a state of open-minded ness that is meant to enhance the main objective of art — an understanding of all which surrounds us, even if for only a moment. The series was inspired by WNPS and its followers, members, poets. Thank you to all for your ears, eyes, and all means of finding that poetic place with us.

For more information on WW, please, visit:



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